Zen Sweat Den, Infrared Sauna & Wellness Spa gave some valuable information to those who are interesting in keeping their immune system strong in the October, 2020 issue of Natural Awakenings magazine.  Read below to see how your immune system is functioning.

Did you know there are some definitive ways to determine whether your immune system is strong and mighty or weak and could use a boost??

Our bodies have this beautiful ability to show us exactly what is going on inside. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.  It will tell you exactly what it needs and when it needs it.
The immune system can be a finicky thing, especially when the dynamic environment of everyday life and stressors come into play.
Here are some ways to determine whether your immune system is currently strong vs. weak.
Signs of a “weak” immune system:
constantly tired or fatigued, you’re often sick or experience frequent infections, wounds take a longer time to heal or symptoms from viruses or infections linger and you may see skin irritations, dryness or rashes
Signs of a “strong” immune system:
always energetic, alert & awake, rarely catching that cold “everyone is getting,” wounds heal quicker, more rapid recovery from injury/illness,  and skin is hydrated, smooth & blemish free
Some sure fire ways to strengthen your immune system or continue to keep it strong….
  • infrared sauna sessions
  • vibration therapy sessions – did you know these are ideal for stimulating your lymphatic system, this is SO important for a strong immune system
  • exercise
  • liposomal vitamin C
  • limit or fully eliminate processed foods, alcohol, and sugar
  • ensure you are getting 7-10 hours of deep restorative sleep
  • collagen rich foods like organic bone broth
  • lots of turmeric and ginger
Naturally and holistically, you have the opportunity to give your body what it is lacking to improve your health and protect your body from illness.
Let us help you recognize and work these simple ways into your life.
This article originally appeared in Natural Awakenings Magazine.
Laurie Chaplin
Laurie Chaplin is the owner of Zen Sweat Den in West Palm Beach, FL. Laurie is also a health and life coach and in her spare time she enjoys biking, practicing yoga and spending time with her family.